Projects against alredy existing worst case scenarios: Thirst, starvation, imbalances, conflicts.


Cleaning - for reason.

One of the projects of Krautwedel Group is sustainable aquaculture. The water is treated in closed circuits biologically completely. Only evaporation losses shall be replaced. Patents are registered.




Reverse Management

To promote humus formation at appropriate places. The destruction caused by deforestation, erosion and drought in reverse direction. Long-term projects with enormous potential. Not flood but plant.


Smart Systems

Automated irrigation systems that are fed with so much data and current parameters that no water is lost. Peaks are assigned and dosed in the grid.

Local Loops


The aim is to build ready-made complete systems at suitable locations. Extensibility, redundancy, and specific and general location factors are crucial to success.

Availability and Affordability

Getting forward to normal.

The goals are as simple as the solutions. The secondary effects, such as air improvement, braking of climate change, political stabilization and the prevention of migration from hunger, are such important each that it is worthwhile to work on constructive solutions as well.


From a technical point, there are no problems of obtaining fresh water these days. Water desalination, deep drilling, branching off of surface water these days. The costs are affordable for few. Ground water levels sink, deep reservoirs are used up and rainfall does not fall where it is most needed.


Cost-effective seawater desalination, purposeful reforestation for erosion prevention, no wood burning (electricity) Pipelines and mass storage, agglomeration models of settlement dynamics. Reduced pollutant input, cleaning of process water, highest drinking water standards, free drinking water, performance index and price index for water use.

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Krautwedel Group is working on a method of seawater desalination, which minimizes the costs of production and installation. Under no circumstances is the energy expenditure made with fossil fuels. The facility is cheap, low maintenance, easy to build and is not personal intensive. The system works with ancillary revenues, which largely reduce operating costs to - 0.

Smart methods for max. results.

Water Purification

For the purification of process water in closed circuits, in the field of aquaculture, there are patents which can also be used in open systems with a lower efficiency. Areas of application are any form of over-fertilization of surface water, over-acidification (opencast mining areas), leaching (flotation of other mining and mining projects). Depending on the type of plant and the location / climatic zone, various agricultural products, in intensive cultivation, can be  produced successfully.



Usage and Dissipation

Balanced Profiles

The waste of water and, in particular, the water that is fed, after use, unpurified in the environment, groundwater, rivers, lakes and seas is above all  - a matter of responsibility.


We work on technical solutions for agricultural and industrial use.